No Body Should Ride Alone!

Help My Win An ElliptiGo 8C For My Husband!

Photo of an ElliptiGo 8C in motion.

I entered a video submission to win an Elliptigo 8C for my husband, and MY VIDEO was one of the 6 finalist chosen. The winner is the video with the most votes. Please go to the link and vote for my video so I will not have to E-Go alone anymore.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On Schedule, and Flying Solo

Today I start week 10 of the Metric-Century Ride training. half way through the ride my phone was dead. My feet were dying by the time I got to 43.25 miles, and that is where Don found me (he was worried). I hope this week's ride is better. With no interruptions, I will take my ride from Glassboro to Cape May on 10/6, which is Breast Cancer Awareness (PINK E-Go). Anyone want to join me?

In other news:

I discontinued my Weight Watcher account today. 

 I am not giving up, I am going to continue with the principles I have learned over the past +8 years of being on the program. I have the tools I need to continue, even a food-log through I just have other things I need the $$$$ for at this time. 

If I need to get back on it I will.

I just need to see if I can fly on my own.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

OMG, This is so Surreal!

 I entered a video submission to win an Elliptigo for my husband.  The nature of the contest was "Change and Inspire" and asked what you would do with the opportunity if you was given an Elliptigo.  So during my free time this week, I put together a video, outlining what I would do with an Elliptigo if it were given to us.  I would give it to my husband, and we would get out on the road together and inspire other middle aged people to be active. and live a balanced life.  

Much to my surprise,  MY VIDEO was one of the 6 finalist chosen. I was just shocked that it was selected, but the winner is the video with the most votes. If you think we are worthy, please go to the link below and view my video and vote for it.

ElliptiGo Change and Inspire Contest

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thread Screw A Into Whole B

I had another issue with the E-Go yesterday. I had gone out for my Hill ride, and the tracks were a bit noisy. I decided it was time to give them a thorough cleaning. so, after my ride, I but the E-Go up on the picnic table in the back yard. I disconnected the right drive arm, removed the track screws, and dropped the wheels out the back of the slide rail.  I then proceeded to scrub each wheel with a soft toothbrush. I then reconnected the drive arm. it went very smoothly.

Then I attempted to duplicate the process on the left side. As soon as I was able to back out to screw, I noticed that they were metal fragments coming out with the screw. Once the drive arm was disconnected I clean the tracks and the wheels like I had on the right side. This time, when I tried to reassemble the driver arm, the screw would not catch the thread of the sprocket arm. I noticed more metal fragments, so I brush them out, and tried. The screw went in a little further on the next attempt but then stopped. I noticed that every attempt that I made caused the little more damage, and the threads of the sprocket arms were being stripped.

At that point I contacted ElliptiGo. I was able to speak to Kari, who calmly listened to my explanation of what was happening. She advised me that a I had not done anything wrong, and that's the hole in the sprocket arm needed to be re-tapped.  She told me that this can be done by any qualified bike shop. She was very quick to relieve my sense of panic over and fear that I had ruined my bike.  She told me that things like this happen, and is not a big deal.

So I loaded up my bike and I took it to the local bike shop. They have started to recognize me not only by my unique bike, but by my face. They agreed that it was an easy fix and ended up charging me $14 to re-tap the hole. I was told that if it should be come loose in the future , it may have to be re-tapped with a coil. They explained the process to me, and I understand it, but I could not to explain it.

My bike came home an hour after me taking it to the store. All is right with my world, and I feel pretty happy.

Monday, August 20, 2012

My E-Go has been seen around town (Glassboro and Vineland NJ)

I love attention, so on 818/12 I took my E-Go to the car show in Glassboro, NJ.  

The next day I rode it 35 miles, which included downtown Vineland, NJ.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Remember the flat tire I had on Saturday?

The last time I had a flat I changed it myself, with no problem.  It did, however, take a bit of time, so this time I took it to a reputable bike shop to get the tube replaced.  I got it back leter on Saturday.  I was in the midst of doing several things, so I did not get a chance to ride until later on Sunday.

It was then I discovered that I only had 2 gears. I just about freeked out.  For what I paid for the bike, I was seriously upset that it is not working right. The next day I had a job interview, and would have to drive by the shop, so I loaded up my bike and dropped it off.  After my interview, I went to my current job, and finished the day.  I was sure they will fix it, but I do not want it to interrupt my training. I am working on a metric century ride, and I just past half way into my regimen.

I got a call later in the day that the bike was done, along with sincere apologies.  They gave me two free water-bottles for my trouble, which always come in handy.  When I got home I took it out on the road immediately.  I was happy to discover that I had all 3 gears, and that they felt more stable than ever. In light of the situation, it was the most joyful ride I have taken.

I am still on track. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mechanics of E-Go riding Vs. running, and how it has related to my feet.

I love my E-Go, and riding it has been a joy, with one exception.

My toes.

Initially, I was wearing cross trainers (Nike or New Balance) and noted that on rides lasting more than 30 minute, my toes hurt. They were being crammed into the toe-box of the shoes. I never had this problem when I ran because the motion of each stride pulls the foot back into the heel of the shoe. On the E-Go, the forward motion drives the toes into the toe box, but there is no impact to drive the heel back, so my toes take a lot of pressure. On my long rides it is unbearable, and a reason I will stop striding in order to take my feet off the platform and rotate my foot until the pressure is relieved.

Last month I was advised to use my running shoes when riding my E-Go.   I then went out and bought a new pair of running shoes (Under-Armour) and found they were only slightly better. I have been feeling a little bewildered.

On, August 5th, was going for a short ride.  I had my Keen sandals on, so I just wore them instead of lacing up. I found that my feet were very comfortable throughout the ride. I was amazed, and I do not know why there is such a difference, but there is almost no foot slide. On August 9th,  I used them again for my Tempo Ride (45 minutes) and found that they were just as comfortable. Today  I went out for an intended 30 mile ride (cut short by a flat tire at the 25th mile).  I wore my Keens today, through the entire ride.  I packed my other shoes in the back-pack, just in case I needed them, which I did not.

This issue has inspired me to look at th REI website (I LOVE REI) to gain some insight. I have looked at the Keen cycle sandals and shoes.  So far I have not discovered any noted reason for the way the shoes fit.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What A "Rotten" Day